WeatherTech Front & Rear Side Window Deflectors | Dark Smoke - 2014+ Toyota 4Runner (82531)


The 2014+ Toyota 4Runner WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors, are precision-machined to fit your 4Runner perfectly. These window deflectors help reduce wind noise and allow interior heat to escape. The WeatherTech side window deflectors are made with a D.O.T. approved glazing material.

Rig Position: Front & Rear Side Windows
Color: Dark Shade
Allow fresh air into the rig while keeping the rain out
Reduces wind noise
Easy installation within the window channel. No Exterior tape needed
Made out of 3mm Acrylic Material
Sleek aerodynamic styling
Optically Transparent
Warranty Information: Limited Lifetime Warranty
MPN: 82531
Fits All: 2014+ Toyota 4runner

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors stop wind noise and whistling?The Side Window Deflectors may help reduce wind buffeting when the windows are opened but does not entirely prevent it from occurring.

Why are the rear Side Window Deflectors coming loose, even with rear clips installed?

If the rear Side Window Deflector is loose, the clip is most likely not properly installed. More than likely, the clip is in the wrong position which is causing the deflector to become loose.

What holds the Side Window Deflectors in?
Our Side Window Deflectors install directly inside the window channel and are held in place by tension (without the need for any exterior tape). Instructions do vary by model, and we recommend that the customers follow the exact instructions included in the packaging (as some clips are used for select applications).

Is this product Car Wash safe?
Yes. When properly installed, you can safely enter a car wash.