Dobinsons Adjustable Rear LowerControl Arms - Toyota 4Runner 2003-2020 (4th & 5th Gen) & FJ Cruiser


These are adjustable rear lower control arms, to be used on any vehicle lifted or not, up to 4″ of lift. This kit comes with both side lower arms and also includes a full poly bush kit. Rubber bushings now come pressed into the arms, as they are maintenance and noise-free. Rubber bushings allow for greater flex (travel). These adjustable arms will allow you to properly set your rear pinion angle due to adding a lift, while also adding strength over the stock arms. Suitable also for long travel rear suspension setups.

NOTE: The threaded end goes towards the frame end with the metal protector facing downwards, and the curved section of the arm faces upwards.
Instructions for use: Set initial length to the same as factory arms, then add 1/2″. Install, check pinion angle, then add at 1/2″ increments until your pinion angle is set properly. Adding too much length could lead to driveline vibrations.